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Mario Strikers: Battle League – All Characters Animations

A compilation of all characters Intro, Hyper Strike, Goal, Victory & Loss animations in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football on Nintendo Switch. (1080p 60fps)

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00:00 Mario
01:15 Luigi
02:14 Bowser
03:18 Peach
04:19 Rosalina
05:22 Toad
06:18 Yoshi
07:19 Donkey Kong
08:19 Wario
09:23 Waluigi

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Super Mario Strikers FULL GAME! (All Cups)

Super Mario Strikers FULL GAME! With Mario Strikers Battle League on Nintendo Switch game being released soon, and Mario Strikers Charged on Wii, here is original Super Mario Strikers on the Nintendo GameCube!! Funny Mario animations vs all characters, random Bowser, all levels with Super Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Daisy, all characters, and secret final boss + ALL CUPS and facing all characters!! The original Super Mario Strikers is a fun Mario game on the Nintendo GameCube, and we win all Cups with Mario vs all characters, there are cool custom Mario power-ups, super charged strikes that are worth 2 points, and random Bowser chaotic events!!

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Super Mario Strikers FULL GAME Intro – 0:00
Super Mario Strikers Opening Cutscenes – 0:20
Super Mario Strikers Mushroom Cup – 1:21
Super Mario Strikers Flower Cup – 10:56
Super Mario Strikers Star Cup – 27:09
Super Mario Strikers Bowser Cup – 52:10
Super Mario Strikers Semi-Finals – 1:15:32
Super Mario Strikers FINALS – 1:19:29
Super Mario Strikers Secret Final Boss – 1:23:12
Thank you for watching – 1:27:30

Mario Strikers: Battle League – Full Game Walkthrough

A full game walkthrough on Mario Strikers: Battle League for Nintendo Switch. This covers the whole story and all cups & tournaments.

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